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  1. omar
    11-17-2018 06:27 AM
    Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Concentrate on sustained energy to get you through your down days. By the way my book is ready to ship but I need your address so I can get it out to you-no charge , it's on me. Feel better. Your friend Omar.
  2. papajohn3times
    10-15-2018 06:05 PM
    Hello again Bill
    I wondered if you had the time to help me with money management yet? Should I buy any of sCHWARTZS VIDEO'S or BOOKS and which one if any--he had a ton to chose from!
    When you ok
    Papa JoHN
  3. papajohn3times
    10-02-2018 01:03 PM
    Good morning Bill
    Hope this find you feeling better and in good spirits. I hate to bug you but I just had another bad wwekend. Fiddled with too many track(3) and was ahead 17.00 on Sat but lost 84.00 on Sunday just playing Gulfstream(one of my favorite and overall sucessful tracks
    I have decided to wait until the middle of October to start betting again. I will then have a 1000.00 bank to use. I just can't seem to persevere thru a 20 race cycle betting a kelly % of 2.5% When I win,I am timid to bet,not wanting to lose it all or when I lose I tend to bet smaller also
    Any ideas would be appreciated!
    Also where to I start over from? Whose methods of handicapping would I start with
    You,For the lead(the match-up is still hard for me) Ritchie Mitch44 or Ted
    I am not a complainer and I am damn determined to win
    Only when you feel good,could you help me out a little?
  4. omar
    09-22-2018 01:58 PM
    That wasn't my final draft after all. You'll be getting one more. Just overwrite it. Hey, i'm being charged $100 by the track photographer to use one of his photos on the cover of my book!
  5. omar
    09-22-2018 01:54 PM
    Ya gotta luv this game. At Lrl came in the middle of the movie but it was a great movie - a classic. Made the 1 & 6 on paper. #1 paid $34.00, 1-6 ex. $310. Caught the ex. at Parx in the 1st, $18 and you know that's a track i never play, once a year on Pa. derby day. AP is closing day so i'm looking for prices there too. And if I can find time to eat, will finish up at the MED. all grass races. Looking to have a banner day. Omar. P.S. Go Browns.
  6. omar
    09-20-2018 07:33 PM
    Sent you my final draft with front and back covers, and the correct numbering of the pages. You've got email. Thanks. P.S. I minored in English when I got my B.A., class of '75(A.S.U.). Later, Omar.
  7. omar
    09-02-2018 02:32 PM
    Sun 9/2 look at Mth R1:2horses dropping down, #8 a 2ndTS who took no board action and #7 who caught a "sly" track on his drop down while bet well below his m/l. Paid $19.40! #1 was a router w/ no speed, #4 was 0/34 now 0/35, #5 had many chances but was getting bet. Throw in the #5 & #8 and you catch a $99 ex. Ran 7-5-8 (photo). How hard was that?
  8. omar
    08-28-2018 12:43 PM
    Hope this message finds you well. Got my CAT scans results last week. Another "glowing" report: found small aneurysm on my aortic root that they will monitor yearly;they say I have mild emphysema (well that doesn't surprise me) along with chronic bronchitis. Finally got rid of my lymphedema after they put a stent in my vein in my stomach. Getting 1 of 2 veins closed in my leg tomorrow. Hope the lymphedema doesn't come back. Anyhow, I want to send you a copy of my book in pdf format before I publish it for you to read and maybe review. I need your email address so I can send it as an attachment. Thanks. Stay well. Omar.
  9. dlivery
    06-18-2018 09:43 PM
    text me info about your info about your room option
    Date of event and " option"
  10. omar
    09-22-2017 03:46 PM
    Bill it's me Omar. Come check out my new web page at mrhandicapper.com. I get so bored staying home i went to Go Daddy and created a website. I hope that's not a sign that i'm cracking up. I don't want to step on your toes by letting your members know, so you can inform them. I'm only listing what I feel are possible go longshot plays for the tracks i'm looking at. You know I had a $52 and $40 horse at LRL last Saturday. Be good.

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