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Ted Craven 08-08-2013 04:53 PM

Del Mar 2013
Hi Folks!

We're organizing a get together day on Saturday August 24 at Del Mar. Everyone who is in the neighbourhood is invited - bring your computers, bring your brains, bring your winning ways. We have in mind a morning workshop, pending 'early bird' access restrictions, followed by an afternoon at the races. Followed by ...

At this moment, we have a tentative location in mind which we're investigating further - a set of tables, indoors, near the finish line. Bud Jones is confirming a few things and will soon let us know more specific details about timing and availability.

There are a few other possibilities which friends are working on as well, so please stay tuned to this space for specific details. One of them is the possibility of an afternoon workshop on Friday August 23, although Friday evenings usually have a live concert and after a certain point in the evening the place is packed with a chaotic and distinct non-racing energy. This idea is still up in the air.

If anyone has a 'connection' at Del Mar for a quieter venue on either or both of Friday and Saturday, would you kindly contact me privately.

I'll be in San Diego from August 19 to 30 and look forward to meeting old and new friends. I understand that other P&C members, and hopefully other curious racing fans, will join in - Bill V, Bud Jones, Bill Lyster, Mark N, 'Lord John', So Cal Al ...

If you are thinking of joining us that day (or days), please make a post here and let us know.

All aboard ...


Segwin 08-08-2013 05:16 PM

Hope you have a lot of fun. Send some good karma back this way please. :cool:

Bill V. 08-12-2013 01:10 PM

Friday and Saturday
I am all set to be there early an Friday 23 - Saturday 24, and Sunday 25 for the

We are working on finding a place were we can meet early in the day
and have a workshop

Looking forward to seeing you there

More details as we get them


Rverge 08-12-2013 09:12 PM

chezzz! cant you do one it FEB. at SA:rolleyes:

Ted Craven 08-15-2013 08:43 AM

Sat August 24 Meeting Info
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Here are the details for our Saturday August 24 get together at Del Mar.

We will reserve a group of tables in the clubhouse ground floor and have a workshop / meet+greet beginning at 8:30am, running through the end of the races on Saturday.

The gates are open at Del Mar for 'Early Bird' admission beginning at 7:30am, then closed again at 10am. Gates open for the racing day at 12 noon (i.e. you can't get in between 10 and 12 noon). If you can join us before 10am, that's great. otherwise, please drop by any time during the racing day. If you want a seat at the tables, get there early, say 8:30 - we won't be able to camp on unoccupied tables for very long.

If you want someone to save a table seat for you, please respond below. I'd guess you need to show up by 9am to claim your saved seat, after which it will probably be difficult to reserve them further.


1. Park in the Main Lot ($10 fee)

2. Take the free tram to the first stop - the Clubhouse. Walk straight back.

3. As you enter the building, you'll see an escalator - walk past it.

4. You'll come to an open area - turn right then walk down to the end.

5. You'll see a group of tables with some friendly faces and computers set up. The area is only a few feet away from the track, and is on the ground floor.

6. There are TVs, betting terminals and mutuel windows. Power for computers and wireless internet access.

Here is what the area looks like (photo courtesy of Bill V :) )

Attachment 35232

The agenda is casual, but if anyone wants to review Methodology best practices, or has questions about using RDSS, there will be many people to help out. Otherwise, we'll be working the day's races, sharing stories and handing out watching and betting the races.

I asked Mariana Sartin to join us and she will try if her schedule that day permits.

Looking forward to seeing lots of you there! :)


Bill V. 08-15-2013 09:11 AM

Del Mar day
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Thanks to Bud and Ted

Saturday the 24th looks like one of the Donuts Days
Which actually means I better get there even earlier.
They have free donuts and coffee and you can come early and watch
the horses on the track. Its usually a good turn out for the donut days

Attachment 35240

Bill Lyster 08-15-2013 01:19 PM

See you there early...

Capcondo 08-16-2013 11:23 AM

Where would I find you on Friday the 23rd

Originally Posted by Bill V. (Post 92017)
I am all set to be there early an Friday 23 - Saturday 24, and Sunday 25 for the

We are working on finding a place were we can meet early in the day
and have a workshop

Looking forward to seeing you there

More details as we get them



I'm planning on driving over on Friday the 23rd from Phoenix (I don't know why I'd want to leave this beautiful 110 degree heat). I'll be there around 2 pm. Will you be at the track then and where might I find you?

Tim Bedient

Bill V. 08-16-2013 01:38 PM

Hello Tim

I will get to DMR in Friday morning at about 9 am.
I will be there all day and of course stay for the live racing.
On Fridays the post time is 4:00 PM. pacific time

Please send me a PM, with your phone number.
I will be at the clubhouse tables that Ted described above.
If they throw me out of there because its too early,
I will be over in the early bird area.

To get to that area just do the same thing as above
but this time go in the main grandstand entrance.
Then walk past the big fountain, Go into the main building grandstand
and turn an immediate left, then you will see a room with individual betting stalls.
I will be there. Call me and I will tell you where I'm at.

Ted Craven 08-24-2013 02:49 PM

Greetings from beautiful Del Mar. Sitting here with Bud Jones, Bill V, Tim B, Jeff M and Sandra, Bill Lyster and Mark Nicholson. Half 'matchers' half RDSS, half both ... (+ 1 BLAM). Lots of opinions!

So far we're working Saratoga (me with mixed results today; yesterday was good).

Will try to get a few pix up today. We've got a bunch of tables at the far end of the club house 1st floor, 50 feet from the rail. Nice! If you're in the neighbourhood, do drop by!

Wish us luck (the skill is there).


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