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Pace and Cap Please READ

Code of Conduct

Devoted Solely to Making You A Winner

"Friends Helping Friends WIN"

Pace and Cap is the discussion group for The Sartin Methodology: an approach to winning money and developing a winning mindset at thoroughbred horseracing developed by Dr. Howard Sartin and others over a period of 25 years. We are not a general horse racing forum – please view Pace and Cap as a group of Sartin Methodology practitioners or students, each of us using all or parts of various stages of it – but more or less specifically focused on this particular approach to handicapping and wagering on horse races. The Moderators of Pace and Cap work very hard to provide a friendly and courteous online community which respects and honors the life work of Dr. Sartin, the memory of the late Jim ‘The Hat’ Bradshaw as well as all teachers and contributors to the Sartin organizations of Pirco and O. Henry House over the years.

We recognize that the Methodology has always been about the evolution of ideas and strongly desire to continue this process into the new era. While enquiry and thoughtful and respectful discussion and debate is encouraged, you may not be allowed to post if it is determined by the Moderators that your sole purpose is to contradict the core concepts of what the Sartin Methodology is all about. As a member of Pace and Cap, you agree to conduct yourself in a friendly and polite manner: No name calling or negative energy will be allowed! If it is determined by the Moderators of Pace and Cap that your posts do not meet these standards, to help and encourage fellow Members in a respectful and constructive way, you will lose your posting privileges following one warning only.

Please always feel free to contact any of the Moderators if there are any questions about these guidelines. Best wishes for good fortune and good skill in your time spent in this wonderful endeavor!

The Moderators of Pace and Cap

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