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"For The Lead" Approach to Handicapping – from Brohamer to Sartin and beyond …

Bill Lyster has compiled this collection of posts and writing of one of our more prolific members - For The Lead. A collection of handicapping guidelines, contender and paceline selection strategies, statistics and wisdom of Dr Sartin, Tom Brohamer and FTL's own decades long research - illustrated by excerpts from The Follow Ups and RDSS screens.

I am grateful to Bill Lyster for all the work assembling and formatting this collection, and of course - to For The Lead for his contribution to advancing the skills of all of us. Thanks guys!

Here it is, in a collection of PDF documents. Enjoy!

Winning With Early
Picking Contenders and Paceline Selection
Why Not Maidens
Handicap Races

Appendix A - Interpreting Race Conditions
Appendix B - Reasons to Pass and Races to Pass
Appendix C - Useful Statistics to Keep in Mind


Racing Decision Support System™

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