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Originally Posted by omar View Post
To:Bill Lyster
Cc:Bob Tatasciore

Jun 8 at 2:14 PM
Just caught the 3rd at Laurel. $12 horse,$65.80 exacta. Looking at Lrl and Bel today. I really hate short fields.

The Belmont. I can see the 9 getting beat. The way really good horses lose here is by the local jockeys not letting them get easy leads. I go back to 1979. They had the Bid parked all the way around the mulberry bush. So too with Smarty J Alec, sshh Real Quiet and so on. These guys will not let the 9 & 10 get to an easy rail trip and only God knows what's in Saez's head with Gaffalione. That being said I favor Casse's other horse #7. I will respect the #3 and #10 and give the 8 a long shot. In my mind everyone else is battling for 2nd, all except for the 1 whose jockey is hoping his horse will not be vanned off to the barn.
I've seen so many Belmonts from 1977 thru 1996.I just got tired of fighting the crowd to get out of the parking lot, at least an hour.

Time for me to go to the concession stand otherwise known as my kitchen.
One point I forgot to make was I always felt that War of Will had the advantage in the mud or slop, but today gets a fast track, the famous Belmont Dust Bowl effect.


Congrats OMAR!
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