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Originally Posted by Ted Craven View Post
Most likely, when using the Database Management tool to switch databases, you chose a file which is NOT a Database file (i.e. does not end in file extension .DB or type = 'Data Base'). For example, perhaps you chose a ZIP file downloaded from TrackMaster from the Data Archive (\rdss2\Data\PP\2013\ ...) thinking it was a RDSS database file (they are only 'delivery' files from TrackMaster to RDSS - not databases).

This problem is discussed and the workaround is demonstrated in the Database Management tool video, at 20 minutes 45 seconds.

In short, open your RDSS Configure file in a text editor (e.g. \rdss2\Configure\Configure.ini), search for the line which begins: DatabaseFile= and change the file named after the = sign to c:\rdss2\data\data.db or whichever drive other than Drive C you have installed RDSS2 on). Save and close the Configure file, then restart RDSS2. Then you can try again to switch to a different Database (a .DB file, or Type = 'Data Base').

(Note: in future versions after Beta2.6-02, the software will prevent you from trying to switch to a file other than a proper Database type file.)


I did some house cleaning and changed RDSS file name from 2 to 2.0 and the config file had RDSS 2.

Back up and running - Thanks again
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