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A few unknowns in here. Here goes:

#1 - Line 3. Unknown as this one drops into the lower condition for the 1st time. Horse's TE appears on the weak side and may need this one to fall apart for any shot.

#2 - Line 3. Another unknown, as this one has a multitude of turf sprints coupled with sloppy dirt track sprints and a pedestrian route. It's 2nd best perceptor off a 5F turf sprint at GPW is all I have for rating, and gives it its best chance.

#3 - Line 1. Two tries in this condition were good. The last line gives it its best chance.

#4 - Line 1. N2L graduate ran a career best off a drop last out at the same price tag as today. While it may not run back to that race, it still looms heavily. ML favorite looks tough.

#5 - Non-contender. Briefly showed some foot in Line 1, but its initial try at this level showed nothing, plus poor connections. Not a player in today's matchup.

#6 - Line 1. Beaten twice at this condition, and the last line is its best of the last 3 at a similar distance/surface.

#7 - Line 4. Made a call here. Horse won last out at today's tag in N2L with a weak TE. Moves up to N3L. The W/W effort at Ellis in the 4th line down at similar surface/distance structure would give it more of a fighting chance in this race.

#8 - Line 3. Another unknown dropping down this low for the first time. At least the positive in its last race (115 days ago) was that it showed something after its layoff. I was fine with using its best perceptor.

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