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How does one know if something improves results?

One has to move on to find out whether it or something works. A closed mind is a missed opportunity. No one can determine if something works without giving it a fair trial, Howard was continually testing etc. to make a better mousetrap. Resting on his initial success would have been a huge mistake.Advancements are only achieved by trial and error.

Sartin statement is also taken out of context because he knew they didn't have a better solution and it was a subliminal challenge. After all why were they there if they were so successful? In fact why do people gravitate to this site? They want to learn and are looking to improve results. Some do while others have an inner desire to lose and lack the mindset to succeed. And yes misery does want company as it justifies their loses.

Yes there are some NIP's (Negative influence people) wherever we go to include this site. One should always be on guard as their always seeking company. If you want to learn something than learn from winners and the best. Sartin was ahead of his day and his present day RDSS was his ultimate solution to a complex problem that far exceeds any pace program out there. It has remained valid even many years after his passing.

Yes there are those who lack ambition, don't like change and refuse to accept modern day advancements, they also tend to be under achievers or losers. That's OK through as we need their money in the mutual pools.


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