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I'm reasonable.. Bet anytime, we will use posting time vs Off Time in Equibase charts. Any modifications time stamped after Equibase off time will result in loss. We all know you are one of the elite 10% players that are profitable so this should be an easy $500 for the charity of your choice or you can keep it but you seem like an honorable and charitable guy so I doubt that would be the case.

Just understand the reason I have a bug up my ass is I really don't respect those horse players that disparage other horse players. It is a tough hobby that we have and we all are fighting to be in that 10% and quite frankly I have never met one of the 10% that is anything but respectful to other players after all you want to keep the other 90% in the game right so why disrespect them. As far as public handicappers go I can not think of a harder job than posting your opinion knowing that it isn't even the way you would play. See you have to appease your boss by having a high winning % because he has no appreciation that you can win 5% of the time and be WILDLY profitable in the game. The only way to be successful in this game is to understand that cashing tickets doesn't equate to being a profitable player. Win Quality trumps () win quantity. The tools that Tim has provided us continue to identify those situations.

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