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Classic Sartin Programs - your host: Bill Varone Synergism, Energy, Kgen, Entropy, Thoromation, Quad-Rater, PaceLauncher, Synthesis, Validator, Val4, Speculator, etc ...

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Old Program Question

Does anyone know this program,follow up 76, page 69
looks like synthesis with a entropy screen.
this screen in not in my version of synthesis 1A
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Ted Craven
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This was an early version of Validator (contains the V/DC readout, and its components: the Velocity by segment and the Deceleration by segment). Perhaps ValM (manual entry?)

In the Validator programs with TrackMaster data (and maybe ValM too), Doc dispensed with the detailed breakdowns of the velocity and deceleration components (too much/unnecessary information?) and just displayed the final V/DC ranking. Which persists today in RDSS.

The earlier Entropy and Deceleration programs showed a type of DC/V (deceleration relative to velocity) readout which is why the nomenclature might look familiar. In Validator, he tuned it up with some clever twists and wrote somewhere that he simply 'inverted' the former DC/V labels and now used the label V/DC. Same ideas: velocity relative to deceleration (or vice versa ...).

Hope that helps.


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Old 11-27-2015, 01:13 PM   #3
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Hi Ted
Very cool, thanks for the info,too much information seems what Doc wanted
to avoid,which makes sense,in val he put TDC/rank next to v/dc rank.
and tossed out the those other decelaration readouts.

Just turning over some stones,looking to relate some old ideas(Race segments) to long shots.
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Old 08-04-2017, 10:16 AM   #4
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Bumping this having been reading this exact Follow-up. What exactly is EPV/MPV/LPV? I know that these are velocity values, but are they nomenclature for F1/F2/F3 or something totally different, like F1/Second Call/Sustained Pace?

Also, the DCL that Doc speaks of here is 3F/1F, which is different than the 3F/SC used today in the modern program. I would imagine that they both measure the same thing, except that the above is measuring decel from F1 on, while the modern take measures from second call on.
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