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Originally Posted by gandalf380 View Post
Expected value for show betting

Ex sh = .543 + .369 ((wi / w) / (si/s))
They're easy formulas to plug into an Excel spreadsheet, whether you're working with percentages or the raw dollar amounts.

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I actually purchased his calculator with the formulas built in to tell you exactly how much to wager based on your bank you were working with and I did very well with it.

The issue I have now is the late money coming into the pools after the horses have left the gate, an advantage you think you may have can be completely wiped out with this last amount of money into the pools. This is why I think it's not a valid approach anymore.

When I used the calculator I did not have to worry about the final late money coming into the pools changing the advantage much since only money bet at the track determined the pools and under a minute bets were easy to place and the expected advantage did not change much.
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I agree it is tougher to find tougher Dr Z bets at the larger tracks. However, since the pools are much smaller at smaller tracks, you have less late money coming in for place and show. Most syndicates are not going to bother with small pools. That being said, betting exclusively at Belmont and betting only place/or show, I am showing an ROI of 65% for the month of July. That is a small sample but shows the profits that are possible. It has been working very well also at Ft Erie.
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