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Old 06-06-2010, 12:14 PM   #1
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Tribute To Jimmy The Hat - AOdds 98 Super Gold

I attached the readout to yesterday's Belmont stakes. The algorithms that Jim came up with still amaze me to this day. The Composite Screen is the first screen that comes up automatically when you load the race file. The default program settings are used - no handicapping, no manual paceline picking - program picks the pacelines.

The Comp Ranking and Comp Speed # are described as follows:

Comp Ranking - A Composite Ranking based on several very strong numbers from the other screens

Comp Speed # - A Composite Speed Number based on several other very strong numbers from the other screens

Neither Jim nor Randy Kovach, who programmed AOdds, ever stated what those "strong numbers" actually were.

The 2nd attachment is the 2009 Derby. Never shared that here but I did privately send it to Rich last year just to show that Jim's legacy is still with us.

Now, all races don't work out this way. For example, Super Saver showed up #10 and #8 this year on the Composite Screen. What I have found by use of the program over several years is that most of your win contenders can be found in the top 6 ranks on 3 screens:

Composite Ranking & Speed #
The PRC column on the Main Screen (Super Saver ranked 6th)
The VLS Line Score (last column) on the Virtual Paceline Screen (Super Saver ranked 3rd)

One still then has to handicap (does the horse have a shot at accomplishing what it is being asked to do today?) (is the favorite vulnerable?) and then look for VALUE. Even if you have 8 horses to go through, eliminations can be fairly logical and then one can focus on value bets. One of the top 3 M/L favorites completed the exacta in both races.

Haven't been able to do much capping or betting the last few months due to family member's health rehabs, buy this is my Sunday tribute to Jimmy, as I never forget he and Doc.
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Thanks for posting that. In my opinion Aodds Gold is a very, very good program to this day.

I am a big fan of Randy Kovach's programming and of course Jimmy The Hat is in a class of his own and is missed by so many. But what a legacy he left!!

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Old 08-16-2010, 02:51 PM   #3
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Couldn't agree more! I LOVE AODDS. It really cuts down on the "busy work" of handicapping, leaving you to focus on picking the proper horses to play and structure your bet. CAUTION: BELIEVE IT! When you don't, it will bite you. If it picks up on a favorite, well then, either PLAY it, or pass. DON'T try to "beat" it. ANOTHER CAUTION: Like most methods, it is less reliable at a very cheap track; but I've gotten $50 and $100 winners using it at Cby--a cheap track by any standard.

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