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Sartin Methodology Handicapping 101 (102 ...) Interactive Teaching & Learning - Race Conditions, Contenders, Pacelines, Advanced Concepts, Betting ...

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question re: paceline library info

Hey all. Trying to educate myself on paceline and contender selection and was wondering which set of audios in the audio collection go with the Paceline manual I found here:


I see there are four audio threads related to pacelines:
Contenders and Pacelines
Pace Line Manual Workbook audio files
Pace Line Manual Hat Match Up

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Ted Craven
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I don't have a sense of which audios most specifically match that old and original Paceline manual - perhaps no audio set does, specifically.

A lot of the older materials from the 1980s and earlier 1990s are here as a sort of archive of all things Sartin. For completists or researchers, I think it has value, perhaps in an analogous way to how studying Newton's 17th century foundational studies on physics and mathematics helps one (eventually) understand modern quantum mechanics. Still valuable, of course, and the learnings from an earlier age absolutely inform the base of what followed. OR - you could spend a few hours on YouTube studying modern, fancy and entertaining graphic portrayals of how quantum mechanics work and jump right in with the latest understanding and best practices. Much faster, probably more enjoyable.

Similarly with the Sartin Methodology and central approaches to line selection and contender separation. I could humbly recommend setting that older, foundational stuff aside for later.

Instead - consider starting with a few high-level overview references found here. These are not specifically paceline-selection related, but among the discussions you'll likely find some good (and perhaps more modern guidance) on line selection and contender separation.

Beginners and Refresher Course. Started by and augmented by member Mitch44. A bit meandering, but a survey of high level Sartin concepts with references to original Follow Up sources, in the context of today's usage, mainly employing RDSS as a tool.

Scott's Form Factors (Updated) - From the original 'How Will Your Horse Run Today' by William Scott, updated by member Lt1 (Tim G) and compiled by member Mick. Guidance from this is referenced constantly by Tim G in his daily posts in the Races of Interest Forum. Well worth digesting into one's daily observation practice when deciding which paceline/s fairly represent a horse today, and whether a horse deserves to be a contender or non-contender. (Many of these observations are shown in one way or the other in RDSS readouts or markups, but agreed it could all be refreshed and presented in a more concise way. Meanwhile - once you have the ideas and can see the data, and practice and practice, it's easy enough to apply.)

4-Factor Method. Mentioned before (and regularly), it's a great way to jump into the heart of Contender separation and get ready quickly to find bets (if there are prices). Thanks to our dear departed friend Richie M (rmath) for this years-long research.

'For The Lead' approach to Handicapping. From Brohamer to Sartin and beyond … Compilation of writings on this site by departed member For The Lead (FTL).

Lastly, I don't want to overlook the compilation of the Matchup by Jim Bradshaw and all the posts done over the years by his student here RichieP. Here: http://paceandcap.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10121 It is a different (and more difficult) approach from the others, though inherent in the Methodology and prized and practiced currently by a number of successful members (e.g. Pook, Cigar, Bill Lyster). FWIW, I would recommend returning to that work later on in the uptake of the modern Sartin Methodology.

The best advice I can give about line selection is: consistency! Develop an approach and apply it rigorously. While not perfect, the default automated line selection tools in RDSS give you consistent selections. I (and many others) have ancillary guidelines to consistently modify automated line selections, and separate contenders (RDSS does not really separate Contenders automatically - still up to you).

Last lastly - I have only sampled some of these old Brohamer audio lectures, but over the years, many folks have spoken positively of gaining useful nuggets for modern pace handicapping (allusion intended ). Here: http://paceandcap.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6095

After digesting all the foregoing and building up your bankroll and confidence (and enjoyment), there's lots of the older stuff to dig into on snowy or rainy days!


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Thank you Ted. Love the analogy to Newton. Couldn't handicap races without his earlier work either.
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