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Sartin Methodology Handicapping 101 (102 ...) Interactive Teaching & Learning - Race Conditions, Contenders, Pacelines, Advanced Concepts, Betting ...

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Bill V.
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Form Cycles

as promised


The first thing I do once I open a race is run the TPR numbers on every horses
last pace line. I use Phase 1 but you can do this with many different readouts
Like Total Energy or speed ratings , whatever
The thing I am looking for is who are the top 5 TPR horses ?
What is there TPR ability , and how did the earn the TPR ? were they balanced
or did they show superior numbers in either EP or LP
After I mark everybody running style and find the fulcrum, I then start to look at each horse and starting with the last line, I ask
Is this TPR good enough to compete against the horses with the 5 best TPRs ?
If the answer is yes and the last line is a + pace line Then I mark that line and move on
I do this with every horse, Is Line 1 a yes or no ?
If the line is not a + or a (+) Then I look at the form cycle

When I refer to a horse in its current form cycle I am drawing lines
from one race to another, looking for reasons why it ran the numbers it did in the race before and after.

Form cycles are usually 1 2 or 3 races Longer or shorter form cycles are
not positive or negative . What they are is a good way to see how horses will preform today

Here is an example from my Parx race 9 yesterday 4/10/17, You can do this with every horse on every card , I just picked horse 2 Kwik E cause a few guys had it as a win contender, and I like the name

I have drawn a red line between races that I call starts of new form cycles
i have added my comment between the lines

I do this in my head but if we could mark up the RDSS PP's o the computer
I would draw the lines

Let me know what you think
Good Skill

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I like the concept. It would help to be able to add and save notes on horses a la DRF Formulator.
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Perfect Bill! Thanks so so much!
Papa John
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Great job

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