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Smile Wagering Decision Form

Hello Everyone
I have been wager capping for a few months now but not winning any money. I have been winning races, but not making a profit and didn't know why. I decided to take Dr. Sartin's advice and keep a wagering decision form. Using this form has been a real eye opener.
By using this form I have been able to see the mistakes I have been making and I have worked on correcting them. I am now on my fourth form and have seen an improvement in the number of races I Pass and have done a better job of winning races at 5/2 or better. I was able to analyze the first two forms, which each showed a loss, and correct my mistakes. I am happy to say that my third form, which I finished this evening, shows a profit. If you are having a problem making a profit with this amazing program I urge you to keep a wagering decision form. Their are several versions of the form throughout the forum.

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Thumbs up Progress!


I'm rather new with RDSS too and had the same experience. The 20-race WDF is another of Doc Sartin's great ideas. Glad it's working for you.

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Bill V.
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keep working , just because your first two did not work out.
If you work and truly want to win, You may have another 2 cycle losing streak
but you will have so many long 20 race win streaks

Keep us posted

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