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Sartin Methodology Handicapping 101 (102 ...) Interactive Teaching & Learning - Race Conditions, Contenders, Pacelines, Advanced Concepts, Betting ...

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Question for Randy Giles-Pace Appraiser fans/users

Hi folks,
I wanted to ask a question of those members here who use Randy Giles' Pace Appraiser software or his Extreme Pace Handicapping approach in general. The Pace Appraiser software allows users to identify horses with a pattern called 2dEPB, which is a 2-dimensional Early horse running in a Pace Box. For whatever reason, I can't find any information explaining what a Pace Box is (as Mr. Giles defines it) or how to identify and use it in your handicapping & betting decision making. If anyone could lend any insight on this I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks very much in advance.
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Check your PM box....
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