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For The Lead
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Daily Racing Form Abbreviated Race Conditions

The other day RichieP asked for help with a condition he saw in the 9th race at CD. “For 3 year olds and upward which have never won $7,500 twice other than maiden, claiming or starter or which have never won 3 races”. He wanted to know what this would look like in the racing form the next time any horse in this race runs back.

In an effort to help I quickly searched the Daily Racing Form site for this information. I found what I thought was correct and posted it. After further thought I realized it actually came from their on line software “Formulator”. It did not look right to me as what I attached in my post showed (as an example) N2L rather than NW2L for a “non winners of two races lifetime condition”. Please keep in mind that I have not used a Daily Racing Form in almost 13 years. (I print my own form) I download both PP’s and charts from Trackmaster, so I get the abbreviated conditions with the charts. Later on that evening I looked at the chart for the 9th race at CD that RichieP had asked about. It read “NW$2X” and I posted that. (better late than never I suppose)

Today I happened to be in one of the local race books and I decided to look at a racing form. Sure enough, there it was, the “Abbreviations for Types Of Races” published right there in the form. Surely this must be what I was looking for, but no, it is the same thing that I had already posted. I took some time to review this. Among the many conditions that are NOT present, is the condition RichieP needed. My heart goes out to those who use the Daily Racing Form and are NOT well versed in abbreviated conditions.

Another example is “for non winners of a race since May 11, 2009” (today being November 11, 2009). The abbreviated condition would or should read “NW16M”. Good luck finding that on the DRF’s list. Expanding on this condition is, “for non winners of a race since May 11,2009” ( again, with today being November 11,2009) followed by “races where entered for (a certain claiming price, which would be lower than today’s) not considered in eligibility”. The abbreviation for this condition would read “NW16MX”. The first condition, “NW16M” is straight forward. If a horse hasn’t won a race in the last 6 months it is eligible for the race. The second condition,”NW16MX” is the same condition with an “add on”. If today’s race is for a claiming of $5,000 and a horse won a race or two races (as an example) and those races were for a claiming price of $3,500, the horse is still eligible. This is signified by the “X” at the end of the condition. Try finding this on the DRF’s list of abbreviated conditions along with an explanation. Just one more. According to the DRF the use of the letter “Y” represents “a specified period of time”. Well, that’s true, but “what” period of time? In my experience, the use of the letter “Y” indicates ONE YEAR. For example, non winners of a race since November 11,2008. Abbreviation=”NW1Y”. Now if the condition reads from a date that goes further back than a year, the abbreviated condition would read “NW1Y+”. Again, good luck finding that on the DRF list.

As I said, I haven’t used a DRF in almost 13 years, but I have been around this game long enough to remember the MORNING TELEGRAPH and no abbreviated conditions, so I remember when they first started appearing. You learned what they meant in a hurry or you got left in the dust!

What I found in the DRF is mind boggling for me. Not only are they missing many, many conditions, but there are conditions on that list I have never seen in my life! AMAZING! I guess I need to read the DRF once in a while just to keep up with what they are doing. OR, NOT DOING as the case may be.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I just thought someone might find it interesting or informative.
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Thanks for the feedback "FTL".

Imagine if there was actually a central governing body in racing that made sure all this kind of stuff was uniformly reported and explained to folks

REALLY good card at Aqueduct on Friday btw.

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