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Sartin Methodology Handicapping 101 (102 ...) Interactive Teaching & Learning - Race Conditions, Contenders, Pacelines, Advanced Concepts, Betting ...

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Ted Craven
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Tom, welcome!

I believe it starts on Page 35 of Issue #2.


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Huey Mahl

Hi Tom -

Go to Issue 2 of the Follow Up in Pace and Caps' "Sartin Methodology Library".

The lead up to the article starts on Page 33 by Howard, then Huey's article runs from Page 35 through Page 50.

Let me know if you still have trouble finding it. Once you plow through it, let me know what questions come up !


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If anyone is interested, I made this dutching calculator after reading that article. I made it in Libre Office Calc, since that is what I use. I opened it in google docs, and fixed the formulas so I could export it as an xlsx file. I think everything works.

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Betting Units

Hi Doug -

Your spreadsheet works nicely. I have one attached here as well.

In the top left corner, up to 5 horses can be entered in the first column (by betting number or name). Then enter the corresponding odds for up to 5 horses to the right of each horse. Then below that, enter your current bankroll and percent of bank to be played. These are the only boxes to be filled in. I don't know how to lock the other cells, so only enter data in the 4 areas in the blue boxes.

Displayed to the right will be all possible combinations of up to 5 horses, followed by the entry odds of each dutch, then how much to play on each horse and lastly the net profit.

Also shown below are all the possible combinations for a 3 horse dutch along with the entry odds, how much to play on each, and the net profit.

I don't show the 4 horse or 5 horse combinations, but do show the entry odds of a 4 horse dutch and 5 horse dutch for the heck of it.

I keep this spreadsheet open anytime I am playing a card and also have it in my phone when at the track without my computer. It is super fast.

Best of luck as always!

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