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Pace Makes the Race / TPR Discussion, Examples, Lessons from Total Pace Ratings (TPR) aka 'Phase I' from the book 'Pace Makes the Race'

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Brisnet ratings

Hi, this might have been discussed before,does anyone have an opinion on the brisnet pace ratings?, they look very similar to TPR ratings ,thanks
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They work just fine if that's all you have. Used them all the time before I found this site.
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I have used them for over 15 years and they work great as they apply a consistent approach and numbers to their ratings. I still use them if only doing one or two races instead of down loading a whole card.

Are they as good as the pace ratings in RDSS? NO!!!! For one their similar to TPR as they don't include or rate all 3 Fractions. Their (Bris) 3 ratings are the 1st FR, SC and 3rd FR which eliminates the 2nd FR or TT in most races, therefore they are weaker for that. However they are a crude way to look at deceleration for those that understand that.

For Pace Ratings the factors within RDSS that include Feet Per Second / Energy are dominate over any pace ratings in Bris and over TPR within RDSS, as it also doesn't include three Fractions.

The reason I put FPS / Energy is because their exactly the same thing, just a different format. Some can comprehend 36.50% better than FPS of say 57.64. Many like the TPR ratings and do well with them because they can understand them, they comprehend them because their on a scale of 100. However in doing so they give up some winners by not using all 3 Fractions and or factors that include three fractions. Another is Total Energy verses TPR, with Tot. Energy being superior. By using all 3 Fractions the Sartin Mythology greatly moved forward and led to new innovative factors.
Both Bris and RDSS use different adjustments for Beaten lengths but they are consistent. Bris uses segments of 2F for their BL except where they must in the 3rd FR. Sartin uses different distances depending on the distance of the race and the length being measured. The key here is they use a different way of adjusting for B L but their way is a consistent approach so its accurate.

TPR within RDSS is superior to the old Phase 1 from Pace Makes the Race because PMTR uses 1/5 per BL which is inacurrate and the B L in TPR within RDSS was improved by Sartin and is much more accurate. After so much theft of his Phase 1 he decided to take it back by improving it. One way was by a more accurate BL formula.

Bottom line stick with RDSS for more accurate pace predications and winners. I always use Bris Past Performances in conjunction with RDSS because they are superior for information purposes.


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Originally Posted by radiohead View Post
Hi, this might have been discussed before,does anyone have an opinion on the brisnet pace ratings?, they look very similar to TPR ratings ,thanks
The BRIS PPs are a good supplement to RDSS, especially for pedigree and trainer/jockey statistics. I agree with Mitch though, in that I don't think their pace ratings are as good. They're usable but RDSS is the "gold standard."

You're probably aware of the BRIS library, but if not, here's the link:

You can spend days browsing and reading. Some of the old ALL-Ways newsletters are quite good too.

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