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Pace Makes the Race / TPR Discussion, Examples, Lessons from Total Pace Ratings (TPR) aka 'Phase I' from the book 'Pace Makes the Race'

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I assume your stats are correct and I'm well aware that long layoff horses are poor bets and risky. Just as well as horses stretching out, stepping up in class or repeat winners for that matter.

But where you make a mistake is that I do not bet all layoff horses. I only bet the ones that meet my standards. One of which is yours; " The only time I bet a layoff horse is if the horse won in the past off a layoff . . . " I also have several other requirements that it must meet which I posted in a previous post. If it meets my prerequisites I bet it and if not its discarded . The overwhelming majority get discarded, same for repeat winners and other aspects of handicapping.

I don't automatically discard horses with rules but I do look at them. Too many rules such as 90 day or odds over 20-1 etc. cause you to give up to high a percentage going into a race. I like to start off with a 100 % chance of winning and then I go from there.

Layoffs are a losing proposition only if you bet them all. Only a fool does or would do that.


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Bill V had suggested to me to do a 20 race cycle, he told me to take
my time and only do races I felt comfortable with. I finally finished it
and hit 13 races from the 20 using 2 horse bets.

I used FTL guidelines which really work getting the right horses and
pace lines in the computer using the Energy program which FTL and
Bill V helped me to get a better understanding of. FTL had told me that
I needed to use the program to see what works for me and found that
concentrating on the 3rd fraction horses was where my winners were
coming from.

I would like to thank FTL and Bill V as without their help even though
it's a small sample I would have never achieved this.
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As an outsider to many examples Bill V told me & also using FTL learnings have certainly increased my win positions
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Bill V.
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Save The Last Dance

Thanks Jeff and Delivry

TPR and FTL's guidelines - To the best of my ability,
along with much better record keeping, has eased my mind.


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Old 04-15-2018, 11:58 AM   #125
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Thanks Bill and Dlivery

Nice presentation on the goals Bill, having a plan is something I didn't have until I
started using FTL's guidelines
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