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Classic Sartin Programs - your host: Bill Varone Synergism, Energy, Kgen, Entropy, Thoromation, Quad-Rater, PaceLauncher, Synthesis, Validator, Val4, Speculator, etc ...

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SP /Older Programs

Many years ago I used Phase III with a good deal of success.
I learned and used the Brohamer Model and found SP was my key to winning
at Woddbine in Toronto.
I'm just new & learning at RDSS2.
Where do I find the factor Sustained Pace in RDSS ?
Thank you
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Ted Craven
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Bernie, here is an extract and link to an older discussion about equivalences between RDSS (and Validator/Speculator) factors and factors found in Phase III, MPH (Modern Pace Handicapping) and PMTR (Pace Makes the Race) - i.e. various stages of the Sartin Methodology -


Per Brohamer (per the Sartin Methodology Phase III, circa early 1990's):

Average Pace in sprints = the average of all 3 fractions. Whether you average factors [(F1+F2+F3) / 3] or simply sum them [F1+F2+F3] - you get the same information when you rank them or measure gaps between them. Total Energy (in RDSS) = F1+F2+F3, thus AP in sprints = Total Energy.

Average Pace in routes = (EP + SP) / 2 or (1/2 EP + 1/2 SP)

Early Pace = EP = velocity to the 2nd Call. In RDSS, either 2nd call velocity (SC) or EPR = velocity to the 2nd Call.

Sustained Pace = SP = (EP+F3) / 2 or (1/2 EP plus 1/2 F3)

So restating Average Pace in routes: (1/2 EP) plus (1/2 EP plus 1/2 F3) or 1x EP plus 1/2 F3

In RDSS we have no factor which is 1 times Second call velocity (SC or EPR or EP) plus half of F3. Instead, we have 1x EPR plus 1x LPR (F3) = CPR (or TPR, if you prefer). Thus, CPR has more F3 in it than AP for routes (1x F3 versus 1/2 x F3)

Thus, in RDSS:

Total Energy = Average Pace in Sprints
CPR ~= Average Pace (AP) in routes (a bit more F3)

If AP = FW in Phase III (MPH), it became more nuanced later. In RDSS, FW in sprints = (2x EPR)+LPR. In routes, FW = EPR + (2x LPR).

The MPH FactorX (F1+F3) / 2 = RDSS FX = F1+F3 (same thing)
The MPH Turn Time (TT) = RDSS TT = F2 velocity
%Early EP/(EP+SP) evolved to %Median or (F1+F2) / (F1+F2+F3)

Hidden Energy is not given in MPH, but it is (roughly) F2+F3 = HID (in later Sartin DOS programs and in RDSS).

So that's the map between Modern Pace Handicapping (Sartin Phase III) factors and their equivalents in RDSS (and Speculator, Validator, Synthesis and other programs). RDSS factors other than these evolved since MPH times, covered in many Follow Ups (or by subsequent discussion here). MPH described factors are based on FPS velocity calculations, whereas in Pace makes the Race, EPR, LPR, TPR (or CPR) the calculations are based on a points based difference from a set of par times by distance - but they amount to fundamentally the same measurements.

Of course, in later software (and RDSS) all running times (and velocities and points-based factors) are adjusted by a Daily Track Variant, an Inter-Track variant (DTV and ITV supplied by TrackMaster), a distance equalization to today's distance and a surface equalization factor (calculated internally).
This is part of a larger discussion on the same topic, here: http://paceandcap.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8979

So - in my view, the older Sustained Pace (SP) equals TPR in RDSS (2nd Call + 3rd Fraction), whether you divide by 2, or multiply by 2 (or by 3.14159 or whatever) - if you do that for all horses, the relative ranks are the same.


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