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Sartin Methodology Handicapping 101 (102 ...) Interactive Teaching & Learning - Race Conditions, Contenders, Pacelines, Advanced Concepts, Betting ...

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in KGEN the idea was to put in five pace lines for each horse, select the best, for every horse in the race; put the best 4 or 5 in EXDC.
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There is nothing wrong with entering more than one line to determine which line is best. BLBL in todays RDSS is excellent for that. The overwhelming users that look at a line visually will pick the wrong line. Its error prone to the max regardless of how you good think you are at this. There are times even I use the program to determine some puzzling or even close lines. Why not use the program which is smarter than us to make that decision. The power of the program supersedes us, unless your Sartin or come from Tulsa and wear a cowboy hat. Sartin even recommended this in 1990 at the Saratoga seminar.

What Sartin was totally against was using more that one line and averaging the results. He caution against this and specifically stated not to do this. His recommendation came after much testing and comparing results.

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Bill Burns, a brilliant engineer, authored a phenomenal handicapping back in the 90's called Thoro - something, I can't remember the full name. He averaged pacelines. Ken Massa, whose HTR and associated programs has a subscriber base much larger than RDSS, averages pacelines with an automatic line selection method that uses Artificial Intelligence, when his algorithms call for it. Both had exposure to Doc Sartin and Jim Bradshaw and have gone their own way, successfully.
It behooves us all if we have the inclination to explore our ideas and test the results. If they work you probably have an edge, or if you are not that industrious use what you want.
Buckin' Billy Ray Smith is a logger and axe maker up in BC. He has a you tube channel that I have followed and he makes a very good point. Knowledge is a product of experience. Book learning and forum reading is not experience. Do it yourself and then you know for sure.
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