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RDSS 2.2 (and previous versions) Racing Decision Support System - The NEW Version 2.2

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BPP & PL question

I was looking back at a race from yesterday at Saratoga and noticed that the race distance & surface had changed. I made the changes in the Entries screen and it update. However, I see that some data like BPP & PL are now blank. Are those data stored in a file elsewhere and can they be restored for re-analysis of the race from yesterday?
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Ted Craven
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That's a bug , sorry.

Whether you re-assemble a PREVIOUS day race by changing the Distance or Surface, or by just re-assemble by right-click, even if the downloaded TS Ratings (BPP/PL) exist in the Data cache for that race, they are (unfortunately) not loaded during the re-assemble - that's the bug. If it is TODAY, the race re-assembles normally including TS Ratings if you had them and if not it fetches them from TS. You CAN load a previous day races and TS Ratings will appear (if you previously fetched them) but ONLY if you do not re-assemble the race.

For your reference, here is where the TS Ratings including Scratches are stored (e.g. Saratoga Race 6, July 28): C:\Rdss22\Data\TS_data\2022\20220728\SAR_20220728_R06_TS.json If no file there for a given race, then no TS Ratings were downloaded and can't appear in RDSS.

(I even tried to scam RDSS into thinking it was yesterday, but it's too clever - by half ... ).

That should not happen and I'll look at it very soon! I am preparing an update to RDSS to send out for some initial testing, maybe by end of August (I am going to be away for a couple of weeks mid-August).


Racing Decision Support System™
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Thanks Ted!
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