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Speculator Speculator - FAQs, Technical Support, Examples, etc

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Ted Craven
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Don't Bug SartinAlums

Incorrect information appeared in a recent post to Sartin Alums Yahoo Group re 'numbered versions' of Speculator, i.e. Spec160. The writer (the primary moderator) stated that the publisher (me) was not supporting the software, and that there were 'serious problems' with it. This is not correct: I support Spec160 fully, through this Forum and through email, as promptly as I can, to whomever writes to me.

There are cases where the software crashes, but as far as I am aware, every reported case of such crashes has been documented and a functional workaround suggested in the FAQ document located here: http://bindfold.com/forums/showthread.php?t=778. I am aware of no other 'serious problems' which the software is causing to anyone, except perhaps that writer. I would appreciate, however, being made aware of any.

The post also clarified that Sartin Alums does not wish to offer technical support (so please don't ask) and are certainly not authorized to offer sales support for Spec160, so please address all such requests to this Forum, or to me at speculator@ArtofPace.com. Currently, any new (2007) Speculator licensees receive a full credit toward all costs of RDSS when it is released.

If anyone has obtained an evaluation version, either current or expired, either from me or from a 'friend', feel free to post questions about it here. If anyone has obtained an unlicensed, non-expiring version of Speculator 160 and is having trouble with it and is too shy to ask for help, my advice is to do the right thing and simply pay the license fee and receive full tech support and the RDSS credit. The mutuels you miss should be paying for the software.

In any event, please don't ask Sartin Alums for tech support for Spec160. Please feel free to pass this information onwards to anyone you know whose only source of information about Speculator or the Sartin Methodology is Sartin Alums.

Thank you all for your support!


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I can certainly vouch for the service Ted provides. I currently have a trial version of Spec160 and Ted has responded quickly and fully to all my questions.
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