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Hat Check - How Can We Help You? Jim 'The Hat' Bradshaw - Learn The Matchup

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Sartin Review of Match Up 2

Book Review
Howard Sartin

The Match Up 2
Jim "The Hat" Bradshaw

Until The 80’s the term Match Up was relegated to team sports, boxing tennis and track.
Jim Bradshaw was a championship team track coach. He was voted into the Oklahoma Track Coaches Hall of fame when his team defeated all Oklahoma teams and made a great showing at a Los Angeles Nationwide track meet.

When he was urged to apply his track coach savvy to horse racing he saw the light and became a winning handicapper. To over 1000 aspiring handicappers the term Match Up became a horse racing buzz word

With The Match Up 2, he expands his following. He also demonstrates that proper use of The Match Up does not mean landing only on favorites because he defies conventional logic, looking more deeply into races than his contemporaries who, since the 1920’s, have applied only "in the box" logic. As a result, they compared the ability of race horses by class, final time "speed" , jockey, trainer, recency, price and other factors that tended to reduce the ability of the horse itself to a mere instrument of man and the ego of man.

Jim elicits the spirit of the Native American Shaman to see beyond the ego-centered experts of the past by viewing not just the last or best of several running lines, but the pattern of an animal's total performance.

From his track coach's experience he understands energy exertion, toxic build up and the dangers of energy depletion. Many of his audiences at seminars and his previous written works, thought that The Match Up was a form of voodoo that was uniquely The Hat’s.He now dispels that notion with "The Five Step Approach" that makes it possible for all his readers to practice his "voodoo." Follow the five steps and you too can enjoy a 60% non-favorite winning experience betting just one horse.

Comparing the Hat's ability using the five steps to my own computer experience I can honestly reveal that for every six races I could do on the computer Jim did 17 with his match up. Where I would win four of six, Jim would win 9 of 17. He bet one horse I bet 2. You don't have to be a math genius to figure who ended up the bigger winner, since 5 of those 9 were non-favorites.

In The Match Up 2 you'll see chapters on how to use running lines to pick true contenders, definition of Early, Presser, Sustained, Late and all variations of those running patterns; adjustments for both same track and track to track;Spot Plays and most important, the race within the race sometimes overlooked by most previous authors.

The Five Step Approach is the Hat’s answer to the "rules" previous authors have dwelt upon. Most revealing of the Hat’s honorable nature, is the fact that he takes each card race by race. Unlike the many other books on handicapping he did not look first at result charts and cull only the long shots for his readers' inspection. From tracks from coast to coast and in between, he did the races as they appeared. Thus he openly shows 40% favorites and 60% non-favorites. His highest mutual is $46.40. Doing races as they lie is something virtually unheard of in previous "expert" works. Neither is being able to do 17 or more races in an hour and hitting as many as 9-sometimes more-winners betting just one horse. As any honest handicapper will attest, all procedures get a number of favorites. Jim "The Hat" does not hide the fact. He merely does the races as they appear. Yet, his ratio of non-favorites to favorites is outstanding.

I handicapped side by side with Jimmy at tracks and off-sites for over ten years. No one is more impressed than I am with his ability to do more races in less time and win more consistently.

This is a most unique and relevant work. The first truly new and pertinent work in almost a decade. Get it, read it, and most of all follow the directions !

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Jonathan Steele
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I can think of no better (and greater) authority, i.e. expert, on Pari-Mutuel Fund investing than "The Doc" to review your book. And to get high marks from this man is truly an honor.

Congratulations on your book, Jim. I am on my umpteenth reading of it!

Best regards,

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I think the Match Up 2 is fabulous! I will be using it, along with my previous training in the Sartin Methodology, next week in the DRF/NHC contest in Las Vegas. I am truly indebted to you and Doc.

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Dear Jim
Your book has helped me understand horse racing
more than anything. It has tied together many factors that I have been reading about for years in the Follow Up and the Sartin manuals
I am able to get into the race Its sending a clear picture
of what I think is going to happen during the race
I have never been able to get this just from the readout
till now. After reading your book , now when I go to my readouts
I see the whole race
my confidence is way up and racing is much more fun

Thank you
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Great Review

Jim, I can think of no better person than Doc to review your book. Although the first Match-Up book was good Match-Up 2 is outstanding. I really want to Thank-You for writing this book. This will be one of my main reference materials for Handicapping for many years to come.
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The Match up 2

where is this for sale? I have the orginal Match Up prgram from Jim.

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Originally Posted by bobp View Post
where is this for sale? I have the orginal Match Up prgram from Jim.
Jim has no copies left for sale and is not planning a reprint Bob.Try Gambler's Book Club in Vegas. Maybe they have one.

"Grampy I'm talking to you!"
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