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RDSS Racing Decision Support System – The Modern Sartin Methodology

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How is velocity-poh calculated? I worked out a few 1st and 2nd fraction times to fps at gulfstream yesterday,and they dont seem to be raw fps calculations.For example 22.3=59.19fps rdss poh = 61.1fps , second call time 46.5 - 22.3= 24.2 for sec fraction 54.32fps rdss poh=55.5 fps.Now either iam figuring this wrong or POH is somethig else.
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53 views and no one can answer this ? Let me ask this question in another way,will rdss 2.0 calculate running times into raw fps calculations? If so where can i find this?
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Bill V.
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just different

Hi point618
I don't know why and when Ted comes back from vacation
he will explain it but then I will understand it less !!

Its probably doing the same thing that RDSS does to phase 1 numbers

Here is a pace line from Parx at 7.0 furlongs
The track was muddy but the DTV was zero 0
The horse was on the lead at 47.4
In the book Pace Makes The Race the chart says a 47.4 with no beaten lengths with no track to track or variant adjustment is a 81 EPR
yet RDSS gives it a 86
Form the final fraction chart a 38.1 3rd fraction
again with no DTV or track to track adjustment should be 84
yet RDSS gives it a 85.5

Ted will "explain" something but what I can gather is
every readout is being equalized as if every race from every track
was run at one main track at todays distance
In the case of 7.0 lines at Parx this magic track equalization
is just wrong.

The best thing I can tell you is either use FPS from the book
or just learn their relationship to what you will see RDSS do
But they will most likely never be the same.

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Thank you Bill for the help. I have been away from rdss a few years,so its like starting over. The variants must get calculated at download and cant be changed on my past races.Later today i will download a card with the variants set to zero .
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